Portable Joys & Taipei


Sometimes, when you are in foreign place it is the tiniest things that count. I’ve been in Taipei for two days, and of course, I take pictures of all the wrong things. A small flower at the bus stop, cynical cats, an apartment block on a grey day. But these are the things I want to remember the small sweet pleasures. The beauties that I can hold onto.




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5 thoughts on “Portable Joys & Taipei

  1. I’ve been practicing pausing to take photos of the little things…some of my very favorite photos are now of the little moments.

  2. I am terrible at photographs. I used to think you just took a million pictures and picked out the good ones but then I was looking over your digital rolls of our vacation and you mostly got it right the first time around. I might have to switch to digital because I’m spending like 10 dollars per usable picture shooting on 120 BW. My last roll, 4 I thought I could take without flash and came out so dark you could barely make out anything, 2 were shot against the sun and no amount of photoshop could un-overexpose it, and 2 I shot while in a tilt-a-whirl and pointed the camera the wrong way. Oh and 1 I just lost because I loaded the film wrong and started on the 2nd shot. So 3 out of 12 and it cost like 30 dollars to develop because it was BW instead of color. AHHHHHHH. I should stick to my phone camera and instagram filters.

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