Taking Off


Flying to Taipei today. I always get a little jittery before travelling. It’s just the way that I am. I’m not even afraid of planes, or crashes, or anything like that. It’s just the smell of a new city, a differently angled moon, strange cola mixes. I don’t know. Anyway, did this little doodle to calm down.


1 comment on “Taking Off

  1. I fucking hate travel. Planes, trains, buses, even cars. It takes me weeks to bargain with myself to even book a ticket and by the time this happens, the ticket has increased in price five fold and it’s impossible to make plans more than 3 days before I get there. I’ve had a bus lose a wheel on the highway, a train get stuck for 5 hours after a blizzard, gotten rear ended by some dumb white bro in an SUV who was probably drunk at the time, and airplanes, forget about it, airplanes are the worst, I’ve had to sleep in a terminal and that’s not even counting all the loud crying babies. There’s always loud crying babies and I always sit right in front of them. I will travel from my room downstairs to the kitchen and get some chocolate. That is the extent of how far I will go before I want to turn back.

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