Taipei: Night & Day, How to travel?


The above are only a sample of the vast contents of my bag. My doctor tells me to bring water and sunblock. Photography demands a camera. My art teacher says carry a sketch book everywhere. My writing teacher advises a novel and a notebook. Fashion magazines require mascara, coverup, foundation. (But I have given up on those.) Life asks for a phone, money, keys. The physiotherapist frowns.

What do you bring on your travels?


I’m still in Taipei, it is a strange and lovely place. As varied as any city.

Night & Day:



Note the three little dogs in the basket.



3 comments on “Taipei: Night & Day, How to travel?

  1. I forgot how cavernous your bag is. If I carried as many things as you did, I would convert to Mormonism and get a couple of wives to carry all that stuff around because I am pretty out of shape from driving everywhere and now, even though the only thing I take with me to places is a thin wallet and a cell phone, I often leave my cell phone in the car because it feels too heavy in my pockets.

  2. milosivanskistudio

    A sketchbook …everywhere!

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