A very hapa birthday



Hapa:  a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander Heritage.

In my case Japanese, Chinese, Scottish and English. I am not sure what the child of a rice cooker and a toaster would be but I’m sure that it would be fabulous. Suggestions? Other ways to think about one’s heritage?

So today is my birthday and I am lucky to be surrounded by loved ones some of whom provided me some rather lovely loot. Especially books, old and new.   There is something rather satisfying about seeing them together. Perhaps this a weird caught between time, but I am a weird caught between person and I rather enjoy it.






7 comments on “A very hapa birthday

  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Dear Rowan, I haven’t been good about checking FB, so I missed your post and your birthday. Happy belated birthday; I hope that it exceeded your expectations. Also, it is very nice to meet another weird, caught between person. Are they the best kind? Blessings, lydia

    • Thank you so much. Your blog is beautiful, by the way, both in content and design.

      • Thank for the comments re: my blog. I am not totally satisfied with it, but because I have little tech experience it is taking a while. I know that it will get there sooner or later.

        Blessings, Lydia

  3. A very happy birthday to you! I love the illustration (and the simile) of the rice cooker crossed with a toaster. For us visual folks, it was a brilliant addition to your words. Well done!

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