Marginalia : Native Speaker


1. I was reading a library copy of Native Speaker. One my predecessors had bracketed a passage in which Henry is describing the reasons he loves his wife. The note asks, Why doesn’t he tell her this? It was probably just diligence, an annotation for an essay, one of many marginalia to be made and forgotten. But I like to imagine the midnight reader with her blunt pencil, and the cold tea, just despairing for him. Why doesn’t he tell her this? For a moment, holding my own warm tea I had an urge to tell everyone how sorely I love them.


2. Skipping through the book to photograph it for this blog post, I noticed a comment I hadn’t seen before. A writer’s dream:
3. Libraries are magical. 


2 comments on “Marginalia : Native Speaker

  1. #1. I cringe at the idea of writing on book pages directly :/
    #2 This is me too.
    #3. Thank you for putting in words what I have always felt but couldn’t quite say it for some reason 🙂

    • 1. When I was little my mother was so strict with the treatment of books. But then I had a teenage rebellion and my books are full of tiny marks. I’d still never write in a library book, but I do so much enjoy peeping in other people’s brains and seeing what they loved.

      3. You’re welcome. 🙂

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