A very hapa birthday



Hapa:  a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander Heritage.

In my case Japanese, Chinese, Scottish and English. I am not sure what the child of a rice cooker and a toaster would be but I’m sure that it would be fabulous. Suggestions? Other ways to think about one’s heritage?

So today is my birthday and I am lucky to be surrounded by loved ones some of whom provided me some rather lovely loot. Especially books, old and new.   There is something rather satisfying about seeing them together. Perhaps this a weird caught between time, but I am a weird caught between person and I rather enjoy it.





Taipei: Night & Day, How to travel?


The above are only a sample of the vast contents of my bag. My doctor tells me to bring water and sunblock. Photography demands a camera. My art teacher says carry a sketch book everywhere. My writing teacher advises a novel and a notebook. Fashion magazines require mascara, coverup, foundation. (But I have given up on those.) Life asks for a phone, money, keys. The physiotherapist frowns.

What do you bring on your travels?


I’m still in Taipei, it is a strange and lovely place. As varied as any city.

Night & Day:



Note the three little dogs in the basket.


Taking Off


Flying to Taipei today. I always get a little jittery before travelling. It’s just the way that I am. I’m not even afraid of planes, or crashes, or anything like that. It’s just the smell of a new city, a differently angled moon, strange cola mixes. I don’t know. Anyway, did this little doodle to calm down.



So, I kept wondering why the hell Greek yogurt was twice the price of normal yogurt. Basically, Greek yogurt is twice strained yogurt. The straining makes it thicker and changes the proportions of its composition. Also I like drawing yogurt pots. Next post and we’ll be back to poetry.