Inky Dumbbell

Inky Dumbbell is a monthly video series I’ve started hosting to talk about writing and writing craft. Short prompts focus on specific parts of the writing process and provide examples, exercises, and challenges to hone our writing skills.

In Guest Episodes I interview poets, novelists, playwrights and more about the writing lessons that have been most useful to them.

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Recent Guests:

Daljit Nagra – Poetic Voice

Cathy Galvin—Poet & Founder of the EFG Sunday Times Short Story Prize.

Chloe Krug Benjamin – On Patience

Jacob Rice – On Character


And from me:
1. Creating unique voices
2. Conveying emotion
3. Where do you put the dialogue tags


My background as a teacher: I received my MFA from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, where I received the Jerome Stern teaching award. These days, I work teaching English Literature in the UK.