Old Homes


I’ve been staying in the home where I grew up. It is a quiet part of the city near a canal. Today, I discovered a bookshop barge. I suppose it should be expected that things change on the water. They say you can never go home, but I disagree. Old homes are like old wines more delicious with age, but still perhaps not wise to overindulge in. 


Micro Museuming

harlem Give Us A Poem Glenn Ligon

If you live in New York and haven’t been to the Studio Museum in Harlem, do it. It’s a beautiful, intimate space. Large museums like the Met are vital, but I find gorge on art and soon can’t taste any of it. A smaller museum can be experienced entirely.

Afterwards I had tea with almond milk with my lovely museuming companion.

Sometimes, tea and a small pat on the wrist can get you through the slushiest afternoon.

Other favourite small museums: The Folk Art Museum, The Museum of Art and Design, The Neue Gallerie. What are your favourite small museums?

Scottish Flowers



Song for An Able Bastard

I wish I loved an honest girl,

Unseeking and unsought,

Whose lips were soft as they were shy,

And not as they’d been taught


I wish— but what’s the use of that? 

The only She in town

Is not so honest as she’s fair—

She’s light as thistle-down!


And that’s my luck, for I was born

When a March moon was mad;

I wish I loved an honest girl-

I wish my father had.


Eric Linklater (1899-1974)

Reading Scottish poetry in honor of my current location. But not all Scottish flowers have spines.




Taipei: Night & Day, How to travel?


The above are only a sample of the vast contents of my bag. My doctor tells me to bring water and sunblock. Photography demands a camera. My art teacher says carry a sketch book everywhere. My writing teacher advises a novel and a notebook. Fashion magazines require mascara, coverup, foundation. (But I have given up on those.) Life asks for a phone, money, keys. The physiotherapist frowns.

What do you bring on your travels?


I’m still in Taipei, it is a strange and lovely place. As varied as any city.

Night & Day:



Note the three little dogs in the basket.