Tiny Isolations

I’ve decided to end this raffle a little early. I felt it was best suited to when people were adjusting to lockdown. With that in mind, I decided to double this week’s prize to a total of 20 GBP (or 22 USD) to you and 20GBP (or 22 USD) to a person or cause of your choice.

The Prize

  1. I will send it to you via Paypal. Your choice! (If you would like another currency I will send it at Paypal’s rate at the time.)
  2.  I will also send the same amount to a person or charity that you think could use the help during this time.

The Rules

  1. You can enter an image or text.
  2. The piece should be no longer than 560 characters. i.e. Two tweets. Or an image that can be satisfactorily perceived on a phone or device of similar size.
  3. You must post it on a publicly viewable Instagram or Twitter account.
  4. Either tag me or use the tag #tinyisolations.
  5. Upload it before the prompt changes next Friday.

Note—If I know you in real life I’d love to read your work but I can’t give you the prize.

This Week’s Prompt

Write or make something inspired by the image below. You can be as loose or as direct as you like.


[This image is Royal Tiger by Eugène Delacroix. If you find image prompts hard to use feel free to use any of the words: mountain, tiger, etching, stripe, wind. wild]

Other Questions

Q—Does the affected person/entity have to have an official charity page?

A—No. It can be your favourite bookshop. It can be a classmate. Anyone you like. The only condition is that they provide me with a way to payout.

Q—Are you trying to buy the rights to my work?

A—No. It is yours.

Q—Why randomly selected rather than a prize?

A—When I take on judging positions they require a lot of in-depth thought and unfortunately I have other obligations that must take precedent at the moment.

Q—Why did you do this?

A—I know a lot of people who are working but working from home. So they need a distraction but nothing too big. I also know people who feel they should start a big project now but are feeling overwhelmed. I thought this might be a small fun distraction.

Q—Will you post the winner?

A—Yes, I’ll announce them on my Twitter and/or Instagram stories.